Who covers my lost wages when I am hurt in an accident and can't work?

If the driver that injured you is insured, his or her insurance company will have to pay you lost income and medical benefits of up to $10,000 under what is known as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or BRB (Basic Reparation Benefits) coverage. This will cover some, hopefully all, of your lost wages. Beyond that there is no requirement that anyone or anything pay your lost wages. Truth be told insurance companies frequently take advantage of injured persons who they know have no income coming in by making low-ball settlement offers because the insurance company knows that the injured person and his or her family is in or is approaching dire straits. An injured person can recover his or her lost wages in a claim but while waiting for the claim to be resolved, whether by settlement or at trial, there is no requirement that anyone or anything pay them their lost wages beyond the level of PIP/BRB coverage.