A town secretary, who criticized a city official in a letter following a fire that damaged the city hall and was fired in retaliation, has been awarded $1.3 million in her whistleblower lawsuit.  A court ruled that the town of Griswold, Connecticut, violated the state whistleblower law and free speech rights when it fired the employee, Andrea Charron.  A jury awarded $837,000 in damages and including punitive damages, interest and attorney's fees the total judgment came to $1.3 million.

The Kentucky Whistleblower Act applies to reports by some public employees that concern violations of law and wasteful practices.  Also, public employees are protected by constitutional free speech rights for speech on matters of public concern.

Robert L. Abell, a lawyer in Lexington, Kentucky, represents employees in whistleblower cases and lawsuits.

Source:  Hartford Courant
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