• Do you think that you have been treated unfairly by your insurance company?
  • Has your insurance company denied your claim or offered an unfair settlement of a claim?
  • Is your insurance company unreasonably delaying payment on your claim?

Insurance companies are in business to protect their financial interests – not yours. That is why it helps to have an insurance claim attorney on your side to help you.

Robert L. Abell, Attorney at law, represents insured individuals who have suffered a serious loss and have been treated unfairly by their insurance company. Sometimes the insurance company has denied the claim; sometimes they have offered an unfair settlement for a claim. If your insurance claim has been denied or the payment offered is unfair, Robert L. Abell can help you to identify the applicable insurance and resolve any legal issues that may exist.

Central Kentucky, Insurance Claims Lawyer

Robert L. Abell has been practicing law for over 20 years and he knows how to handle many different types of insurance claims, including:

  • Home Owners Insurance Claims
  • Auto Accident Insurance Claims
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Drivers Coverage Issues
  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims
  • Disability Insurance Claims
  • ERISA Insurance Claims
  • Unfair Claims Practices
  • Insurance Claims Disputes
  • Personal Injury Insurance Claims

Kentucky, Bad Faith Claims Attorney

Robert L. Abell, Kentucky insurance lawyer, assists clients who have been denied coverage in bad faith by their insurer. Kentucky law states that a company can be sued for "bad faith", resulting from any bad faith attempt to deny due coverage under your plan.  Your situation could constitute grounds for instituting a bad faith insurance claim to receive your just compensation and possibly more.

No matter what setting the bad faith occurred in — a claim on your life, health, disability, property, general commercial liability, malpractice, technical errors and omissions, directors and officers’ liability, or any other types of insurance policy — Robert L. Abell knows how to get results.  Contact Kentucky insurance claims attorney, Robert L. Abell to learn how he can help you:  859-254-7076.

Disability Insurance Lawyer, Lexington, KY

Robert L. Abell disability insurance lawyer, assists his clients in filing claims and in employee benefits appeals for denied claims for such benefits as Long Term Disability and more. If you have been denied coverage by your employer's insurer, you need an insurance claims lawyer who knows the complex details and administrative requirements of ERISA claims filing, appeals, and litigation. Robert Abell has been practicing in this area for over 20 years, and can help you.

Complex Case Insurance Attorney, Lexington Kentucky

Insurance law is often part of a personal injury claim.  Robert L. Abel has a well established reputation for handling complex cases that include many insurance law issues in conjunction with personal injury and workers' compensation claims. He knows how to handle disability insurance claims, auto insurance claims, and other claims you may have against your insurer. Call today to receive a free consultation: 859-254-7076.

An experienced insurance attorney, Robert L. Abell, represents clients throughout Central Kentucky, including:  Lexington, Fayette County, Central Kentucky, Georgetown, Scott County, Frankfort, Franklin County, Winchester, Clark County, Richmond, Madison County, Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Versailles, Woodford County, Paris, Bourbon County,  Williamstown, Grant County, Harrodsburg, Danville, Florence, Lovington, Shelbyville, Berea, Louisville, Lawrenceburg, and Anderson County.  

Robert L. Abell stands up to the powerful insurance companies, with their seemingly limitless resources. Contact Robert L. Abell and he will evaluate your case and answer all of your questions before pursuing a lawsuit on your behalf.  Call Robert L. Abell today: 859-254-7076!