ACS call-center employees in Washington state have sued ACS, its parent, Xerox Corporation, and another Xerox subsidiary, LiveBridge, for unpaid overtime compensation. The suit claims that ACS required call-center employees to perform unpaid work before and after their shifts. The suit, which seeks class-action status, seeks to cover persons employed in Washington state as Customer Care Assistants, Customer Care Reps, Customer Service Reps, Customer Service Associates, or in other similar positions between April 24, 2008, and the present. A copy of the ACS Call Center Unpaid Overtime Suit can be read here.
Source: Top Class Actions

Both federal law, specifically the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Kentucky state law require that employees be paid for time they work. If you have to start working before your shift officially starts or after it offically ends, your employer is supposed to pay you for it. Pre-shift meetings off-the-clock are one example of work that employees are often required to perform for free.

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