Are assistant bank branch managers exempt from overtime pay requirements?

A class action lawsuit by assistant bank branch managers claimed they were not and has been settled for $2.5 million.  The suit claimed that Tri-Counties Bank in Chico, California wrongly classified its assistant bank branch managers as exempt from overtime, failed to pay overtime compensation and failed to provide required rest breaks. The total settlement will range from $2.1 to $2.5 million depending upon how many claims are made by employees that were wrongly denied their overtime pay.

Source: American Banker

There have been many suits for overtime by financial services workers as the Robert Abell Law blog has reported previously: Loan Officer Seeks Unpaid OvertimeUnpaid Overtime & Wages Suit Against Bank of AmericaTellers & Personal Bankers Sue Bank of America For Overtime. This case also highlights the common violation that a job title -- assistant manager -- can mean that an employee is exempt from overtime pay requirements. This simply is incorrect.

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