A health care worker was splattered in the face and eye with blood and saline when flushinig a patient's I.V. line. This was a compensable work injury under the Kentucky Workers Compensation law the Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled in Kentucky Employers Safety Association v. Lexington Diagnostic Center, No. 2008-SC-00671-WC (May 21, 2009).  Therefore, medical treatment and diagnostic procedures were covered by workers compensation benefits. 

Workers that suffer a work injury are entitled to "reasonable and necessary medical treatment for the cure and relief from the effects of the injury." If you have suffered a work injury or have questions about your rights to workers compensation benefits contact Robert L. Abell toll free at 866-578-5302 or 859-254-7076 at his office in Lexington, Kentucky. Robert L. Abell is an experienced work injury lawyer who has represented injured workers in central Kentucky for over 20 years.

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