A whistleblower lawsuit has yielded $2.4 Million for a New Jersey Cardiologist for his involvement. Last week, Cooper Health System and Cooper University Hospital agreed to pay $12.6 million to settle fraud allegations with Medicare and Medicaid. The lawsuit was originally filed by Dr. Nicholas L. DePace who claimed that Cooper had paid illegal kickbacks to physicians for patient referrals. The cardiologist also declared that Cooper used the kickbacks to channel physicians through a supposed advisory committee. 

Source: Forbes

This is a case under the federal False Claims Act. It basically alleged that this health care group and hospital had worked up a scheme to overcharge Medicare and Medicaid. A whistleblower can file suit under the False Claims Act to recover the monies, here, $12.6 million, that were obtained by these fraudulent practices. Typically, a whistleblower retains 15-25% of the amount recovered.

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