A whistleblower lawsuit alleging false Medicare billing by American Sleep Medicine has resulted in a $15.3 million settlement. Daniel Purnell, a technician formerly employed by American Sleep Medicine, filed the whistleblower suit under the federal False Claims Act disclosing that the company falsely billed Medicare Part B, Tricare and the Railroad Retirement Medicare Program for sleep disorder testing done by unqualified technicians.  

Source: Lexington Herald-Leader

A whistleblower in a False Claims Act case typically receives 15-25% of the monies recovered in the suit. This is the incentive to come forward to serve the public interest by preventing or remedying fraud on the federal government and its taxpayers by companies that receive government payouts through Medicare and other federal programs.  

Read further about this False Claims Act case: Fraudulent Billing to Medicare: Services and Procedures Must Be "Reasonable and Necessary" for the Patient's Treatment. 

Read the whistleblower complaint here.

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