The Justice Department has announced that it is joining a whistleblower case alleging government contract fraud against Symantec, the software company.  The suit was originally filed in 2012 by a whistleblower, Lori Morsell, who remains an employee of Symantec. The whistleblower case claims that Symantec overcharged the federal government and a number of states on software sales by deceptive representations that the public entities were getting the same discounts as its commercial, private customers.

Source: Washington Post

The whistleblower case was brought under the federal False Claims Act, which allows private individuals to bring suit against companies and contractors that defraud the federal government.  The whistleblowers usually receive 15-25% of the money recovered from the defendant in the case. The Justice Department can choose to join or intervene in the case, as it has done in this instance.

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