A suit against Wal-Mart charging that it denied employees their required meal breaks during their shift or interrupted the breaks and required the employees to work has been settled for $3 million.  The suit was brought by the Massachusetts Attorney General to recover the employee's unpaid wages.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Kentucky law requires that employers allow their employees a "reasonable period for lunch" during their shift. The meal break should take place "as close to the middle of the employee's scheduled work shift as possible" but no sooner than 3 hours into the shift and no later than 5 hours into the shift. KRS 337.355.

Employees are also entitled to a rest period of 10 minutes during each 4 hours worked. This is in addition to the lunch break.

Lexington, Kentucky overtime lawyer Robert Abell represents employees in wage and overtime compensation cases.

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elizabeth pena 05/04/2011 12:51 PM
i was informed about the lawsuit. i worked for walmart in palmdale 1660 the period of 2001 to 2004 and did not get notifed i would like more info about this matter how to file .i started in maintainces and quickly moved to jewlery and went on medical leave in 2003 do to jod related stress and yes there was alot of times in work was done with no breaks or lunch sepically for the hoildays when there was no one to coverthe saying was THE SHOW MUST GO ON thank u
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