Managers are exempt from overtime pay requirements under federal and Kentucky law. But just labeling or classifying someone as a manager doesn't alone mean that the person is exempt from overtime: the person has to perform management duties. When the s0-called manager spends 80% of his or her time doing the same type work that the persons they're supposed to be supervising are supposed to be doing, they have been misclassified and are not exempt from overtime pay requirements. 

Misclassified management trainees at Chipotle recently reached an $8 million settlement for unpaid overtime: Chipotle agrees to $8M settlement in manager trainee classification suit

The misclassification of employees as managers is a frequently-encountered overtime dodge as we've reported numerous previous times: Really a Manager? The Misclassification Scam to Get out of Paying OvertimeWalmart Assistant Store Managers Sue for OvertimeAssistant Managers Sue Jimmy John's for Overtime.

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