A whistleblower suit against a nursing home for double billing and overcharging Medicare has been settled for $2 million.  A former employee and operations manager, William Caldwell, filed the suit charging that Vanguard Healthcare had double billed Medicare for some services and had submitted claims for patients no longer eligible for Medicare coverage.  Caldwell filed the suit under the federal False Claims Act and also claimed that he was fired after he warned company officials about the billing practices.

Source:  The Tennessean

he federal False Claims Act allows whistleblowers to file suits against companies that receive federal funds or are contractors to the federal government and defraud it in some way such as overbilling or double billing.  Whistleblowers may keep from 15-25% of the monies recovered.

Here are some examples of recent whistleblower settlements: Amgen To Settle Illegal Sales & Marketing Whistleblower Suits for $780 Million;  Overbilling for Pacemakers & Defibrillators Leads to $9.25 Million Settlement In Whistleblower Case;  Whistleblower Suits Settled Against Military Contractors.

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