A class action lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act seeking unpaid overtime is moving forward.  Employees of three Pittsburgh area hospitals, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, West Allegheny Health Center and Mercy Hospital, that either missed their meal breaks or were responsible for continuing to perform work while they were supposed to be on break claim that they are due overtime compensation for this time worked.  The class of employees affected by the suit is about 100,000 persons. 

This suit was the subject of an earlier report, "Nurses File Class Action Suit for Training and Mealtime Pay"

Employers are not required to pay employees during their meal breaks, but employers are required to pay employees for the time they work.  If an employee works through his or her lunch break, they must be paid.  If an employee's meal break is interrupted by work duties, they must be paid according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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