Former assistant managers filed a class action against Home Depot seeking overtime pay.  The suit claims that Home Depot deliberately misclassified the assistant managers as exempt from overtime.  The assistant managers also claim that they were regularly required to work a minimum of 55 hours a week and were not paid time and a half for those hours over forty.

Source:  Reuters

The job title of manager or assistant manager does not mean that you are exempt from overtime pay requirements; misclassification of employees as exempt based only on their job title is a frequent violation. If you have not been paid the overtime you have earned, contact Lexington, Kentucky overtime lawyer Robert Abell at 859-254-7076.

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Martin 01/09/2010 09:36 PM
We in Connecticut are told to cut overtime by extending our lunches by the overtime accumulated for that week by saturday before the weeks end. When I had to stay over for 2-3 hrs.over, I was forced to cut my overtime by the Manager or his A.S.M.'s How can we in Ct. be helped, please someone respond if you have any news. Thank You.
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