A class action lawsuit for unpaid overtime and wages against Olan Mills photography has been settled for approximately $3 million.  The photographers claimed that they were due and owed overtime and wages based on the following:

• They were required to perform work and attend meetings both before and after the official start of their shift and were not paid for this time
• They were denied meal and rest breaks as required by law
• They were not reimbursed for items they purchased that were necessary for their work

Source: Photo District News

Have you been forced to work off the clock? Have you been required to attend meetings prior to your shift? Have you not been paid overtime you have earned? Contact Lexington, Kentucky overtime lawyer Robert Abell at 859-254-7076.
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Sol 04/06/2011 09:24 PM
My wife works for olan mills (at K-mart in Richmond, IN). there has been multiple times where in a 9 hour work day she is required to get a hour lunch. well with people coming in every half hour if not every 20 minutes for 9 hours and not being able to take even a 30, 20, or 15 mins lunch or break where the company requires an hour, she does not get anything. She will work through the whole 9 hour shift with OUT ANY type of break, even just simply to go to the bathroom for just leaving for 5 mins tops. But when she clocks out for the day she is required to put in alteast a 30 minute lunch, but the company pushes HARD for an hour lunch every full day they work that is over 5 hours, even though she NEVER took a break of even 5 mins throughout the whole day she still has to clock out and work off the clock even though she worked though her lunch. Then at the end of the day when turning in the money at the front desk that is part of her job she is required to clock out and not get paid to do that part of her job, when she can be standing in line for up to 20 minutes for a K-mart employee to help her and just simply take the money from her. Then also at the begining of her shift she still has to wait for a K-mart employee to hand her the money before she can even clock in. Also doing a little research there has been lawsuits.. 3million lawsuit against olan mills.. for wrongful treatment towards employees and managers of the store, not the district manager who is over a couple studios, just the women and men in the studios for little pay and that work off the clock. I know none of this matter deals with over time but the treatment and working off the clock constitutes as wrongful. They should get paid to do their job as required by the comany (Olan Mills).
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Jefferson 07/12/2017 09:57 PM
2017 and this is still happening with Lifetouch, the company that bought out Olan Mills, across the country.
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