An employee paid on a salary basis must be paid at least $455 per week to be exempt from overtime pay requirements.  For a 40 hour work week this comes to $11.38 per hour.  Of course, being paid a salary does not automatically mean that an employee is exempt from overtime pay requirements: the employee must still meet one of the occupational classifications.  

President Obama has been considering raising the minimum salary threshold for an employee to qualify as exempt from overtime pay.  A recent poll showed an astounding 73% of those polled supported raising the salary threshold; 65% supported raising the threshold to $75,000 per year.  You can read about the poll here, and a discussion of it at the Daily Kos.  

Overtime pay requirements should be expanded and for at least the following reasons: (1) Americans are working more and more yet find themselves struggling increasingly to get ahead; (2) increasing overtime pay requirements would strengthen American families, because it would give the bread-winners opportunity to make more money; and, (3) it is fair.  There's not much concern for fairness for people who work for a living in a job that would be concerned about overtime pay, but that, along with other things, needs to change.

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