A former Omnicare company pharamacist claims in a whistleblower lawsuit that the company overcharged both the federal government and the state of Illinois for drugs provided to nursing homes.  The pharmacist, Peter Ordeanu, claims that the company required him and others to enter false billing codes that caused the wrongful overcharging.  Omnicare is the largest supplier of medications to nursing homes in the country. The suit is titled United States ex rel Ordeanu v. Omnicare, Inc. and is pending in federal court in Chicago.

Source: Bloomberg News

Whistleblower lawsuits like this one against Omnicare are filed under the federal False Claims Act.  The False Claims Act is triggered when government contractors such as Omnicare wrongfully overcharge the federal government. Whistleblowers may recover 15-25% of the wrongfully obtained monies that the contractor receives from the government by the overcharging. 

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