Investigators have determined that Massachusetts pharmacy regulators were alerted in July of safety violations by the New England Compounding Company, the producer of the steriod medication at the center of the nation-wide fungal meningitis outbreak.  Emails show the the Colorado pharmacy board informed James D. Coffey, the director of the Massachusetts pharmacy board, that NECC was violating its license by shipping in bulk. It also appears that Coffey passed the information onto Susan Manning, the pharmacy board's attorney. There is no indication that Coffey, Manning or anyone else took any further action. Coffey was fired last week, and Manning placed on administrative leave.

Source: Associated Press

This scenario illustrates why it is important to maintain the ability of individuals and families to seek redress by civil lawsuits and liability for the injuries done them by corporations.  Maybe Coffey and Manning were bad at their jobs or maybe they just had too much to do and could not, as nobody can, do everything. In any event New England Compounding Company took advantage and, as a result, over 30 people have died. It was already reported that FDA investigators found numerous safety violations: Safety Violations At the Core of Meningitis Outbreak. Maybe the Massachusetts pharmacy board will work better in the future. 

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