Richie Farmer, the former Agriculture Commissioner and UK basketball legend, was sentenced today to 27 months in federal prison in his public corruption case. Farmer pleaded guilty in September to two charges of misdirecting $120,500 from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in the form of do-nothing jobs for friends and simply taking items that were paid for by the department. 

Farmer's charges and his plea agreement were discussed in earlier posts, Richie Farmer's Plea Agreement, Richie Farmer Goes For Sentencing, and in an essay published in the Lexington Herald-Leader, In Farmer Case, We Could Push Law So Far As To Criminalize Politics.

Farmer and the United States had entered a plea agreement that capped Farmer's possible sentence at 27 months, so he got the maximum sentence possible under the plea agreement. Farmer waived his right to appeal his sentence in his plea agreement, so the case, as far as these federal charges go, is over and done with, except for Farmer serving his sentence.

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