Cheerleaders for two different NFL teams, the Oakland Raiders and the Cincinnati Bengals, have filed suit for unpaid wages claiming that they were paid far below the minimum wage rate for the time they spent working at their cheerleading jobs.  Alexa Brenneman, who works for the Cincinnati Bengals, says in her suit that she worked over 300 hours attending mandatory practices, games and promotional events for the team, all of which comes to about $2.85 per hour. The suit against the Raiders asserts that those employees got paid about $5 per hour.

It seems to me that work is work, and the NFL is a profit-generating machine of staggering proportions. The Raiders, who have stunk as a team on the field for many years and displayed a stunning run of mismanagement, were valued at $825 million in 2012 on $229 million in revenue. The Bengals haven't won a playoff game in over twenty years but whatever. 

Source: Time

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