A class action lawsuit for unpaid wages and overtime for time workers spent putting on and taking off protective clothing has been given the go-ahead by a federal judge in Iowa. About 1500 workers seek wages and/or overtime for approximately 15 minutes spent each shift putting and taking off their protective clothing at an Electrolux plant.

Source: Columbus (Ind.) Republic

The employees at Electrolux worked at a washer and dryer plant. They had to put on each shift special protective clothing that they wore while working; this took about 15 minutes each shift. The courts have ruled that time an employee spends putting on special protective clothing or equipment that is necessary and integral to their job must be compensate. That is, it is worktime for which the employee must be paid. These type of cases involving wages or overtime for time spent putting on and taking off special protective clothing are sometimes referred to as "donning and doffing" cases.

If you are must put on special protective clothing at your workplace to do your job, you must be paid for that time. If you have not been paid for the time you have worked, contact Lexington, Kentucky wages and overtime lawyer Robert Abell at 859-254-7076.

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