The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 1.7 million American workers were not paid in 2014 even the minimum wage they'd earned.  The Washington Post reports further, Without Enforcement, Minimum Wage Laws Are Often Ignored by Employers. The Labor Department estimates that about 56,000 violations of the wage and hour law occur in California and New York each week.

Individuals and employees do have enforcement options other than the Department of Labor. Both federal law -- through the Fair Labor Standards Act -- and Kentucky law allow an individual or employee to bring suit to recover the wages, overtime and/or other compensation they've earned and are due but have not been paid. These laws also provide that double the amount owed can be recovered in some circumstances.  

Lexington, Kentucky wages and overtime lawyer Robert Abell helps individuals and employees recover the wages and overtime they've earned but not been paid; you can contact him at 859-254-7076.

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