A former executive with Novartis, a giant pharmaceutical company, claims in a whistleblower lawsuit that she was fired for reporting that a drug research contract appeared to be a kickback.  According to the lawsuit, Novartis contracted with McKesson, a very large drug wholesaler and disbributor, to conduct a study regarding off-label uses of a breast cancer drug, Affinitor.  The whistleblower, Min Amy Guo, also alleges that the contract was too expensive, that it was overseen by a Novartis unit whose principal responsibility was client relations not research and that McKesson committed to influence its network members to use the drug based on its study.  

Source:  Wall Street Journal

Novartis is currently operating under a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Department of Justice that was part of a settlement of civil and criminal actions that arose for alleged improper marketing of its drugs, which is the essence of this scheme alleged in this lawsuit.  

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