A lawsuit accusing Wal-Mart of wrongful handling of workers compensation claims has been certified as a class action by a federal judge in Colorado.  The lawsuit claims that Wal-Mart conspired with its insurance carrier and claims adjuster to "dictate, withhold, delay, deny and/or interfere with" the type and duration of their injured workers' medical care. The suit was filed under the federal RICO Act and Colorado state consumer protection law.

Source: law.com

Lexington, Kentucky workers compensation lawyer Robert Abell wrote about a similar case decided by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Kentucky, last year: Remedies For Injured Workers Denied Workers Compensation Benefits and also published an article in The Advocate, the official publication of the Kentucky Justice Association: Injured Workers May Pursue a Civil RICO Claim Based On An Enterprise Denying Them Workers' Compensation Benefits.

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