An examination under oath is a device or procedure used by insurance companies that are investigating whether or not to pay a claim. An examination under oath requires a claimant to submit to questioning usually by a lawyer hired by the insurance company and answer the questions under oath. Many insurance policies have provisions in them that require an insured to submit to an examination under oath if the insurance company requests it. If the insurance company makes such a request and the claimant refuses to submit to the examination under oath, the claimant may very well breach the insurance policy and provide the insurance company with grounds for refusing to pay the claim.

An examination under oath can have a legitimate purpose. Just because one is requested does not mean that the insurance company is being unfair or is trying to get out of paying a claim. If you do not understand how the insurance company is handling your claim, get in contact with an experienced insurance lawyer. You can reach Lexington, Kentucky insurance lawyer Robert Abell at 859-254-7076.