Posted on Sep 16, 2013

Thanks to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle for this list of 10 most overlooked bicycle-related laws:

  1. Bicycles on the road are considered vehicles and must follow the same laws as cars. That includes traveling on the right side of the road, obeying all traffic rules and signaling when turning – left arm extended straight for left turns or upwards when turning right. Cyclists may also signal a right turn by extending their right arm.
  2. Cyclists must yield to other vehicles at four-way stops and uncontrolled intersections.
  3. Bicycle lanes are painted on the road for cyclists to ride while following the same laws as motorists. 
  4. Sharrows are double-arrowed bicycle symbols painted on roads where speed limits are low and there isn't room for a designated bike lane. It allows cyclists to “take the lane.”
  5. Drivers may pass a cyclist if they can do it without putting the biker in danger. They must yield to a cyclist riding in a designated bicycle lane or on a road with sharrows.
  6. Cars should treat cyclists in a bike lane as if they are vehicles in a right lane. They may not cut the cyclist off by turning right in front of them. They also cannot park in the bike lane or obstruct it.
  7. Cyclists riding on sidewalks, multi-use paths or in crosswalks are treated as pedestrians. They must stop before crossing roads. Cyclists must also give pedestrians the right of way and give an audible signal before passing.
  8. Cyclists riding at night must have appropriate lights and reflectors, including wheel and pedal reflectors.
  9. You cannot get arrested for driving under the influence while riding a bicycle, but ask yourself if you want to take that risk.
  10. You can, however, be cited for texting while riding a bicycle.

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