Posted on Aug 09, 2014

In another action that will both help ordinary, every-day, hard-working Americans and get the country moving again, President Obama has issued an executive order that has two very important provisions: (1) the labor and employment law record on wages and hours, health and safety, collective bargaining, family and medical leave and civil rightsof prospective federal contractors must be considered as part of the contracting process; and, (2) federal contractors cannot use arbitration agreements to keep sex discrimination cases out of court. 

What this executive order does is create some incentives for federal government contractors to actually comply with employment laws, because they might suffer some penalty for cheating and violating these laws.

President Obama's order is discussed by a variety of news outlets including the New York Times, President Obama Signs "Fair Pay" Order, Los Angeles Times, Obama makes it harder for firms with labor violations to get U.S. pacts, and CBS News.

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