Posted on May 03, 2012
Have lawyers lost their ethics to greed?  The answer is overall and clearly no.  There is no reporting or publicity of the millions of laudable actions that lawyers and judges take all over our country each day.  But as Reynolds Holding argues on a few lawyers are casting a dark shadow on the whole group: U.S. Legal Profession Makes A Case For Its Critics

But the worst example, one that Mr. Holding does not mention, is the case of the fen-phen lawyers, Shirley Cunningham and Bill Gallion, who defrauded their clients out of tens of millions of dollars obtained in a $200 million settlement regarding the diet drug, fen-phen.  Their criminal convictions were affirmed on May 1 by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, which called the evidence of their guilt "overwhelming": United States v. Cunningham.    

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