Posted on Jun 08, 2013

A Kansas farmer has sued agricultural giant, Monsanto, claiming that it negligently allowed genetically-modified (GMO) wheat seed not approved for human consumption to escape confinement and grow in a wheat field in Oregaon. Ernest Barnes of Morton County, Kansas claims that Monsanto's negligence will harm the export market for American wheat farmers like him, since Monsanto may well have tainted the whole of the American wheat crop with its genetically-modified wheat seed not approved for human consumption.

Monsanto claims that it was an isolated event. We'll see how much more genetically-modified (GMO) wheat from Monsanto turns up.

Reports on this threat to our Nation's food and this suit are in Bloomberg News, Monsanto Sued By Farmer Over Gene-Altered Seed Release; and the Portland Business Journal, Farmer Sues Monsanto Over Rogue Oregon Wheat.

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