Posted on May 12, 2009

Robert L. Abell, an accident and personal injury lawyer in Lexington, Kentucky, has joined the recently-formed Bicycle Injury Group of the American Association of Justice. As bicycles grow as more popular means of transportation and recreation, the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths will also increase as cyclists contend with poorly designed roadways and products, as well as overly aggressive drivers. The Bicycle Litigation Group will focus on issues that directly relate to injured cyclists, including products liability, motor vehicle collisions, roadway design, and government liability. The Group pulls together the specialized subsections of areas of personal injury practice that relate to representation of injured cyclists, including:

  • defective products including frames, helmets and wheels
  • motor vehicle collisions of cars and trucks and bicycles
  • roadway design and the hazards posed by the design of city streets, highways and other road surface defects
  • government liability



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