We are grateful for the opportunity to have represented our clients. They are good, hard-working people that are a credit to themselves and their families. We have been privileged and are appreciative of the opportunity to have helped them.  We are especially appreciative that they have allowed us to share their testimonials.

Please understand that the results obtained for some other client does not mean that the results for another client will be the same or similar.  Our promise is simply that we will do the best we can for our clients.

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  • I could never repay Mr. Abell for all that he has done for me and my family.

    I have had the pleasure of having Robert Abell represent me on two different occasions. The first case was helping my brothers and I recover monies owed to us from a profit sharing account my father had left us after he had passed away. It was a family business and Mr. Abell's understanding and handling of that delicate situation was bar none. It is always difficult when families and money are at odds, but Mr. Abell was able to navigate our way through the case with the eyes of a clergy, always aware of the family that would be left after the case was over. The second occasion for which I was happy to have Mr. Abell represent me was after an accident at work. I had fallen from a beam and injured my back. I was starting to get the run around from the workers compensation insurance company so I gave Robert a call. He said he would look over my case and give me his opinion. After a few days he called me and was willing to take my case. Although he knew that there would not be much money in it for him (I was mainly concerned with retaining my medical benefits) he was appalled at the way I was being treated and took my case on principal more than anything. Appeal after appeal by the insurance company Robert Abell stood by my side and helped me to understand exactly what was going on. His determination never wavered. Even though he was involved in much bigger and more important cases I always felt as though my case was the one he wanted to concentrate on the most. I could never repay Mr. Abell for all that he has done for me and my family. Matt Archer Nicholasville, Kentucky

    Matt Archer, Nicholasville, Kentucky