A sexual harassment and discrimination suit brought by female mortgage bankers against J.P. Morgan Chase Bank has settled for $1.45 million. The case is centered at the bank's offices in Polaris Park outside Columbus, Ohio. The suit alleged that the work atmosphere was permeated with sexually suggestive and offensive remarks and conduct directed at the female mortgage bankers by some of their male coworkers and supervisors; women who did not tolerate it and play along suffered consequences: their ability to make lucrative sales calls was limited, their access to obtain training to advance their careers and obtain promotions was curtailed and they were denied other employment benefits. In other words, the women mortgage brokers were expected to take the harassment and degradation, shut up about it or else. 16 female mortgage bankers will receive portions of the settlement.

Source:  EEOC Press Release

This case involves both sexual harassment, which is sometimes referred to as an "hostile work environment based on sex," and retaliation. The female mortgage bankers were offered the Hobson's choice of taking the sexual harassment or, if they objected, suffering retaliation in terms of much lesser opportunities to make more money and advance their careers.

Remember an unlawful hostile work environment based on sex must be shown as permeated by discriminatory conduct directed at women because they are women not just a generally chance or uncomfortable work environment. You can read more here: What would constitute a hostile work environment based on sexual harassment?

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