A hostile work environment based on an employee's race violates both Kentucky and federal law.  Racial harassment just like sexual harassment is against the law.

A $415,000 settlement in a racial harassment case has been reached against NPMG, a credit card processing company. Two supervisors created and perpetuated a racially hostile work environment that included the following, according to one of the discrimination victims:

"It was unbelievable, the things they said," said Michael Buckner, one of the discrimination victims. "My supervisors often referred to my fellow African-American employees and me as ‘n-----rs' and ‘porch monkeys' and forced us to play so-called ‘Civil War games' where employees were divided into North and South. They also referred to black children or mixed-race children as ‘porch monkeys' or ‘Oreo babies.' On several occasions, I was told to turn off my ‘jigaboo music.'"

In addition to the $415,000 in damages, the settlement also requirews NPMG to conduct extensive remedial relief, including a written apology to the victims on company letterhead; anti-discrimination training; written anti-discrimination policies; discipline of discriminatory conduct and the posting of notices.

Source: EEOC




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