Age discrimination protections should be enhanced by Congress urges the New York Times: "After 40 Years, Age Discrimination Still Gets Second-Class Treatment."  Last year the Supreme Court again favored corporations in a decision that reduced protections against age discrimination.  The New York Times editorial board encourages Congress to act to reverse this wrong decision.

Lexington, Kentucky employment lawyer Robert Abell represents individuals and employees in age discrimination cases and lawsuits.

Robert Abell successfully represented James M. Wells, a 30+ year employee of Columbia Gas, who was fired because of age discrimination.  You can read court filings in Wells v. Columbia Gas including the amended complaint, the jury verdict awarding damages against Columbia Gas and to James Wells for age discrimination, the brief filed by Robert Abell to the Kentucky Court of Appeals to uphold the jury verdict of age discrimination, and the Opinion of the Kentucky Court of Appeals upholding the verdict of age discrimination.
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