A long-running race discrimination case brought by a former city attorney and another city employee against the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts has been settled.  Former city lawyer Linda Stamper and current city employee Mary Wong brought the suit. It was related to another race discrimination and retaliation suit by another former city employee stemming from actions of city manager Robert Healy, who last year was cited by a judge "deliberate, systematic campaign to punish the plaintiff as a reprisal for her effrontery in lodging a discrimination claim.''

Source: Boston Globe

Race Discrimination - Discrimination Based On Advocacy For or Association With Co-Employee of Different Race Is Unlawful - Barrett v Whirlpool Corporation

Race discrimination, unfortunately, remains very much a reality in our Nation's workplaces and elsewhere.  If you have been subjected to race or other discrimination, contact Lexington, Kentucky discrimination lawyer Robert Abell at 859-254-7076. 
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