Dock workers formerly employed by Central Freight Lines in Fort Worth, Texas have settled an age discrimination suit against the company for $400,000.  The suit claimed that the company targeted the older workers for lay-off as part of a reduction in force in 2007. Among other things, according to the suit, the company changed attendance and disciplinary policies as part of its effort to build a case against the older workers.
Source: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Age discrimination in employment violates both federal and Kentucky state law. Reductions in force, of course, are something that happens as part of a company's operations and are not, in and of themselves, illegal or discriminatory. However, companies cannot target older workers for separation as part of a lay-off process. There are many things that indicate a company has targeted older workers in a  reduction in force, just two being (1) older workers are terminated but younger workers are hired in their stead; or, (2) older workers are much more disproportionately selected for lay-off. 

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