Citing a "boy's club atmosphere," being passed over for a promotion for a lesser-qualified males, having her advancement and earning opportunities trimmed and her supervisor openly hostile to her family plans, a former vice-president has sued JP Morgan Chase for sex discrimination.  Marie Dzanis, according to her lawsuit, advanced quickly after joining JP Morgan Chase in 2002 and one year later was responsible for 52% of the bank's nationwide wholesale sales and then was passed over for promotion to a national sales manager position in favor of a lesser qualified male. She also adds that her supervisor restricted her ability to gain business in the lucrative states of Florida, New Jersey and New York and became hostile when she revealed her family plans, suggesting that she become an "executive wife."  Dzanis seeks $4 million plus in damages, lost wages and other compensation.

Source:  Reuters

Both federal and Kentucky state law give men and women fair and equal opportunity to compete for whatever is worth competing for in the workplace.  If you have been discriminated against based on your sex, contact Lexington, Kentucky discrimination lawyer Robert Abell at 859-254-7076.

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Joel Irving 05/28/2010 05:26 PM
I hope she wins. Any lawyer with a modicum of intelligent should be able to win this case but JP Morgan Chase can easily payoff any lawyer you throw at them. That is the problem with our legal system.
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