A "frat house" culture is alleged in a sex discrimination suit filed against Zillow, the online real estate database company.  Jennifer Young, a 41 year old single mother of two children, charges that Zillow has a “‘frat house’ and ‘boys club culture’ that encourages binge drinking and lewd discourse that is rewarded with lucrative assignments by routing incoming calls for potential sales leads.” Young claims that her sales manager ridiculed her for not participating in such activities by comments such as “Are you too old to close?” and “try to keep up with us.”

In another recent sex discriminatin lawsuit against Zillow, a former sales employee Rachel Kremer accused the company of “sexual torture” and a “pervasive culture of degrading women," as well as, sexually harassing emails and text messages, which represented “types of communications from Zillow management [that] were commonplace during Ms. Kremer’s employment.”

Source: Fortune

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What is a hostile work environment based on sexual harassment?


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