A sex discrimination class action suit, the second in recent years, has been filed against Novartis, this one arising from its subsidiary, Alcon Labs in Texas.  A similar "glass ceiling" sex discrimination suit against Novartis, one on behalf of female sales reps, was settled not too long ago for $152 million as earlier reported: Novartis Sex Discrimination Suit Settled for $152 Million.

The lead plaintiffs are, to say the very least, very accomplished and high-ranking women; Elyse Dickerson was Novartis' first female Global Director and responsible for managing some 15% of Alcon Labs annual net sales; Susan Orr has principal responsibility for the acquistion of what is expected to be Alcon's biggest grossing drug ever.  Notwithstanding these outstanding accomplishments they allege sex discrimination in employment and the following:

  • being paid less than similarly-situated men
  • receiving lesser assignments and other career-enhancing and advancing opportunities
  • being denied promotions in favor of similarly-situated men
  • complaining of "glass ceiling" discrimination and suffering retaliation
  • a "boy's club" atmosphere among the company's most senior leadership

The lawsuit is filed in federal district court in Manhattan: Dickerson v. Novartis Corporation

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