A sex discrimination "glass ceiling" lawsuit against Outback Steakhouse has settled for $19 million.  The suit claimed that women were denied fair opportunities to advance into management positions.  The money damages will be distributed through a claims process in which an administrator will write all female employees of corporate-owned Outback restaurants from 2002 to the present that have worked at least three years.

Source:  EEOC

The failure to offer men and women equal opportunities to advance is called discrimination in the terms and conditions of employment, a violation of both federal and Kentucky law. 

Lexington, Kentucky discrimination lawyer Robert L. Abell represents individuals in glass ceiling and sex discrimination cases.  See the prior posts on this blog, "Proving the 'Glass Ceiling" and Sex Discrimination," and this article: "Sex Discrimination - Breaking the Glass Ceiling" and this case decided by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Kentucky: Conti v. American Axle.

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