Whether and to what extent a noncompete agreement is enforceable is a hard, if not impossible, question to answer at least so far as it goes for a general answer.  If the agreement is signed at the beginning of the employment and is a condition of starting employment, the agreement is almost surely enforceable although still subject to being "blue-penciled" as to its duration and geographic scope.  But what about noncompete agreements that are signed long after employment commences, even years after an employee starts working for a particular employer?

The Kentucky Supreme Court's ruling in Charles T. Creech Inc. v. Brown appears to indicate that a long-term employee must receive some benefit beyond mere continued employment for a noncompete agreement to be enforceable. Although it may seem like lawyer waffling, time will tell the true reach and import of the Supreme Court's decision in the Creech case. A word to the wise: if your concerned about a noncompete agreement and it is really important to you, consult an experienced and knowledgeable employment lawyer.

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