A race discrimination lawsuit against Eli Lilly Company has grown to include more than 100 current and former employees reports the Indianapolis Star, "Workers Join Lilly Race-Bias Lawsuit."  Class action status for more than 2000 black employees is sought. The essence of the claim is that black employees, at various Lilly worksites around the country, were paid less and denied promotional opportunities because they are black. The NAACP has joined in the lawsuit to help the employees. 

Both federal and Kentucky state law prohibit race discrimination in the terms, conditions and opportunities of employment.
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A Vazquez 11/16/2010 04:31 PM
I have also been unfairly removed from my employment with Eli Lilly after 33 years of service because of one supervisor. I was set up to fail constantly until they put my job on the last lay-off cycle. I am Hispanic. I have also ensured an attorney as I was unfairly laid off and never received any severance pay.
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Long-time empoyee 03/23/2011 10:33 AM
I am not personally aware of A. Vazguez's situation, but it is widely known that Lilly is in the midst of cutting 5500 jobs worldwide. It may be difficult to convince a judge/jury that his removal was anything more than just another job cut.
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