Four West Virginia women have filed separate sexual harassment lawsuits against their former employer, Shorest.  Their suits, which were filed by Kelli Ward, Kathleen Hancock, Erica Johnson and Mary Robinson, allege the usual common denominators found in sexual harassment cases such as the following:

  • that a male co-worker made unwelcome sexual advances toward them
  • that a male co-worker requested them to perform sexual acts with and upon him
  • that a male co-worker repeatedly discussed his sexual desires with them
  • that a male co-worker improperly touched their bodies in a sexual and unwelcome manner

The final allegation and the one perhaps necessary to sustain employer liability for the sexual harassment is that the employer was informed of the conduct and failred to take adequate, corrective action. ​

Source: West Virginia Record

The allegations in this case are typical of sexual harassment cases. The following is a further discussion: Sexual Harassment & Hostile Work Environment.

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