Employees of the El Paso County sheriff department allege sexual favoritism, discrimination and retaliation in a suit that also cites "evil" and "outrageous behavior."  The suit was filed by five (5!) senior employees, the chief deputy, two commanders, a lieutenant and a captain, of the department and regard events and actions occurring under former Sheriff Terry Maketa. The principal focus of the case stems from an allegedly "lost" Internal Affairs file that supposedly regarded one of Maketa's political opponents, who had been previously employed in the sheriff's department. The allegations in the complaint make it a real doozy, and it can be read here.  It surely will prove some revelations for the local community, and in that regard brings to mind a case now a few years ago involving the Lexington police department and its former chief: Suit Claims Sexual Discrimination by Lexington ChiefSexual Assault Claims Included Judge Rules In Suit of Ex-Police Chief, Race Bias Claim Allowed.

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette

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