Store managers for Harbor Freight have filed a class action lawsuit seeking unpaid overtime compensation.  They claim that they were misclassified as exempt from overtime because they typically performed manual labor and worked 60 - 90 hours a week.  The suit was filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act in federal district court in Kansas City and involves persons employed by Harbor Freight in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. 

Source:  Ventura County Star

The job title of store manager does not necessarily mean that the employee is exempt from overtime; the employee's actual duties rather than their job title determine whether they are exempt.  See  Does a job title determine whether an employee is exempt from overtime pay requirements?  Are assistant managers exempt from overtime? 

Managers and assistant managers have filed numerous lawsuits claiming that they have been misclassified as exempt from overtime: Assistant Managers Sue Dollar Tree for Overtime & Minimum Wage Violations; Retail Managers Settle Overtime Suit; Kroger Managers Seek Unpaid Overtime in Class Action Suit.

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