Age discrimination in employment is prevalent; over half of working Americans report having experienced it in their workplace according to an AARP survey

An excellent article in the Washington Post, Age Discrimination Is More Common Than You Think. Why Aren't We Doing Anything About It? discusses the problem and some solutions or at least actions toward solutions. 

One difference in Kentucky law from the federal Age Discrimination In Employment that makes it slightly easier to remedy age discrimination under Kentucky law is that Kentucky law requires age discrimination to be a substantial but not the sole or only factor for the employment action harming the older worker. 

We beat Columbia Gas on behalf of one of a long-term employee in an age discrimination case; you can see the verdict and the successful appellate brief that explains the case.

Lexington, Kentucky age discrimination lawyer Robert Abell represents individuals and employees in state and federal courts throughout Kentucky; contact him at 859-254-7076. 

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