The court in EEOC v. Central Wholesalers, a recent decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, described a work environment that a jury could properly find as constituting racial harassment and a hostile work environment based on race as follows:

"Three of Medley's [Medley was the complaining employee] co-workers in [her department] used the word n****r, and at least one of them used in 'pretty much everyday.'  Moreover, during [an incident on November 10], DaBay (a co-worker) called Medley a black stupid n****r, a black n****r, and a black, stupid b****h, among other derogatory terms.  In addition, two of her co-worker's kept blue-colored mop-head dolls in their offices which they had hanging by nooses tied around the dolls' necks.  As in past cases, we cannot ignore the habitual use of epithets here or view the conduct without an eye for its cumulative effect."

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