In the wake of the despicable disclosures regarding the movie guy, Harvey Weinstein, whose victims included a number of very famous actresses, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, being two of thema Washington Post/ABC poll reveals that 64% of those polled answered that sexual harassment of women in the workplace was a "serious problem." A Majority of Americans Now Say That Sexual Harassment Is a "Serious Problem." 

Beyond that the poll also reveals some frankly very disturbing information:

  • One-third of women say that they had experienced sexual advances from a male co-worker or a man who had influence over their job
  • 54% of women asked said they'd been targeted by unwanted sexual advances they deemed inappropriate either inside or outside their workplace
  • 42% of women who had experienced harassment say they had reported such incidents to supervisors
  • The share of female college graduates saying sexual harassment is a serious problem grew from 47 percent in 2011 to 76 percent in the latest survey
  • 65 percent majority of Americans, and over three-quarters of women, say men typically get away with sexually harassing women in the workplace; among women who say they’ve experienced unwelcome sexual advances on the job, a staggering 94 percent say men usually avoid facing any consequences for their actions.

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