The Special Agent-In-Charge of the FBI's Seattle Office, Laura Laughlin, has filed suit claiming she has been passed over for promotions because of sex discrimination.  Laughlin alleges in her lawsuit that she has been passed over 10 times for promotion in favor of lesser-qualified men.  Laughlin has been the Special Agent-In-Charge of the Seattle office for 9 years; usually, an agent holds that position for 2-3 years.

Source: KING-TV (Seattle)

This case suggests two major areas of concern. One is that it appears that Ms. Laughlin may be the victim of "glass ceiling" sex discrimination.  Here is some more information about "glass ceiling" discrimination: Proving the "Glass Ceiling" and Sex DiscriminationGlass Ceiling Sex Discrimination Suit Settles for $19 Million

Another issue that Ms. Laughlin's case presents is the difficulty arising for women attempting to rise into senior leadership positions in what have been historically male-dominated fields. These issues have arisen in a number of prior cases that our office has handled: Walsh Is Target of Sex Bias Claim, Suit Claims Sex Discrimination by Lexington ChiefKSU's New Interim Police Chief Is Suing UKSuit Says Female UK Police Officers Were Mistreated. 

Robert Abell prepared the following Special Report that may be of interest: Sex & Gender Discrimination In Employment -- A SPECIAL REPORT

Everybody is entitled to fair treatment, not special treatment but fair treatment. Ability and merits should determine promotions not gender or race or religion or other discriminatory criteria. 

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