One of my favorite bloggers, Florida employment lawyer Donna Ballman, at her blawg, Screw You Guys I'm Going Home, discusses a bill introduced by Sen. Al Franken that would prohibit noncompete agreements for employees that make less than $15 per hour, Senator Franken Bill to Ban Noncompetes for Low Wage Workers Would Be a Good Start. Recently, it was reported that Jimmy John's sandwich shoppes was requiring its sandwich makers to sign noncompete agreements, Low Wage Worker Noncompetes? Can You Say Antitrust?

We've discussed in an earlier post Noncompete Agreements Under Kentucky Law and related issues at our Kentucky Employment Law BlogNoncompetes & Dog WalkersNoncompete Agreements: Are They Proliferating for No Good Reason? and Noncompetes & Low-wage Workers.

There's not even a chance of a snowball's in hell that Sen. Franken's bill would pass through our present Republican-controlled Congress; after all, PAC money and lobbyists are good for something and there ain't neither there for working people.  It's just nice to know that somebody cares.

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